We are committed to you in providing the best dental care possible. It is important to communicate with our patients regarding the financial aspects of treatment.

We are a provider for many insurance plans. We will make every effort to help you receive the most benefit from your dental insurance plan but please understand that you are financially responsible for the total amount of your account. Your coverage is dependent on the individual policy purchased by you or your employer.

 As a courtesy to our patients, we will be happy to file your insurance claims on your behalf. We ask that you provide us with your current insurance information. Please bring your insurance card to each appointment.  It is important that you review and understand your dental plan details such as your coverage, if it runs on a calendar year and the maximum benefits your policy allows per year. We will collect the amount that we estimate insurance will not cover at the time treatment is provided. This is only an estimation and sometimes we must either bill or refund the difference after insurance has made their decision on payment. This balance is due within 30 days of the statement unless financial arrangements are made.

 Please understand that your insurance is a contract between you and your insurance company. Our treatment recommendations are based on your individual health conditions and not on what insurance will pay.

If you do not have dental coverage, we offer a 5% discount (10% for seniors) when you pay on the same day of service. For your convenience, we accept cash, check, Visa and Mastercard. Ask us about financing options; our business office staff will be happy to help you.


We also offer CareCredit (to those who qualify) so that no-interest monthly payments, up to 12 months, can be available if necessary.

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